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Minutes 8-15-11

Posted 09-09-2011 at 05:41 PM by HAPPYHOLLYDAZE

SHS Class of 2012 Project Graduation
Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2011
Type of Meeting: 2012 Project Graduation Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: President, Holly Romero
Invitees: Parents of 2012 Senior Class

Location: Senior Citizen Bldg (3rd & Oak)
I. CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Holly Romero, President. Holly welcomed everyone to the meeting.
II. ROLL CALL There were 31 in attendance: Dana Smith (Jordan), Marilyn Swanner (Jeremy), Deanna Ramirez ( Jeniffer), Saprine Dugan (Bryan), Penni Pilcik (Steven Haire), Sabrina Bluejacket (Courtney), Janece Driggers (Kalyn), Terra Woodard (Gary), Amy Dunham ( Thomas), Dorothy Anderson (Shelby), Lynette Williams (Manny Herrera), Mark & Trina Barnett (Cory), Charles Mathis (Daris), Nina Canchola (Kathy), Chelle Baugh (Javian), Holly Romero (Caden & Caleb), Donna Schroeder (Jemma Bohlar), Kelly Schroeder (Kylah Henderson), Jane Carrillo (Keith Howell), Michelle Jochum (Lorissa Phillips), Judy Stone (Jordan), Mike Stark (Zachry), Yolanda Woodard (Keenan), Kelly & Lance Rayburn (Jake), Denise Gordan (Hanniel), Shari & Scot Barnett (Lauren Dannelley), Lisa Mays (Katie).
III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes were read aloud by Yolanda Woodard, Secretary. Trina Barnette moved that the minutes be approved as read. Second by Jane Carrillo. All in favor: none opposed. Motion carried.
(Correction from last month mtg 7-18-2011: raffle tickets are 6 for $100.00 instead of $1.00).
IV. TREASURERS REPORT Donna Schroeder reported that there is still no money in the account. There are two buy out checks waiting to be deposited. Dont want to do that yet until they change the signers on the account.
a) Gun Raffle Penni Pilcik. Set up a booth at Stewarts with Raffle Tickets. They sold very well. Gun raffle tickets also sold well at the kickoff BBQ & scrimmage game. Donna S. & Penni P. will get together at a later date to determine how to handle when people start turning in the money & the stubs. Denise Gordon will make a flyer to distribute out for the Gun Raffle.

b) Rally Towels Penni Pilcik. Rally Towels are $5.00 each. They sold really well at Stewarts also. Most people gave a $5.00 donation. The towels also sold really well at the scrimmage game. Sold about 50.

c) Trash Bags Holly Romero. The price of the trash bags have gone up tremendously. Charles Mathis made a motion to not to order trash bags. Second by Donna Schroeder. All in favor: none opposed. Motion carried.

d) Stadium Clean-up Holly Romero. Stadium Clean-up is not just for a chosen few. It is for everyone. Its only for home games. August 26 will be the first cleanup. Each child gets there name in the drawing for each time they participate with Stadium cleanup. Holly Romero will look into recycling plastic bottles.

e) Battle of the Bernard Ts Donna Schroeder. Donna passed around several designs for the t-shirts and a decision was made that night. It will be 3 color front and 1 color on the back. Team roster will be on the back. The shirt will be navy @ $15.00 each. Donna will create an order form.
a) CiCis Fundraiser Holly Romero. PG can do a fundraiser @ CiCis pizza in Lake Jackson. It will be our responsibility to get the word out. Dont know what % will go to PG. Holly will talk to Bill and see when are his busy days, what % will go to PG and when will we receive payment.

b) Spirit Bags Holly Romero. This was Janie Daugherty idea. She offered to get the stuff wholesale & put in the bags. These bags will be sold @ football games & all the sports. Sell the bags for $5 or $6 depending on what stuff is in the bags. You can also sell at Christmas in the park as well.

a. Trina Barnett & Annette Williams will organize a cake walk @ Dr. Leal Halloween party. Contact Deana, she is the person who organizes all his projects.

c) Golf Tournament Lisa Mays. The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 10 @ the Wilderness. Start time @ 12:30 and done by 5:00 pm. $53 a player or $62 if meal included (that includes unlimited practice ball, golf cart, etc). Deposit of $200 due before February 01. This deposit does get put back into the master account. Will allow up to 30 teams. Already have signs made for the old sponsors. New sponsors will have to have new signs made up. Alcohol is served but it is expensive. Lance Rayburn made a motion to accept March 10 as the date for the Golf Tournament. Second by Michelle Jochum. All in favor: none opposed. Motion carried.

a. Sabrina Dugan reported that she mailed out 100 Donation letters and she used one roll of stamps.
a) The meetings will now be held on the 2nd Monday of the month. Location has now been changed from the SHS Cafeteria to the Senior Citizen Bldg (3rd & Oak).
b) Report donations to the Face book page. Dont want to hit up the same business twice asking for donations.
VIII. SET DATE FOR NEXT MEETING September 12, 2011 at 6pm @ the Senior Citizen Bldg.
IX. TABLED ITEMS FOR NEXT MEETING Vote on the hamburger meal, per person fee for the Golf Tournament.
X. ADJOURNMENT Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm

Submitted and filed this 28th day of August, 2011.

Yolanda Woodard, Secretary
2012 Project Graduation
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