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Friday Morning Theft

Posted 03-27-2010 at 04:11 AM by simsd

So, this morning I was leaving the house around 7:00 AM to go pick one of my guys so we could head out to work. While walking down the driveway, I see a hand moving around in the windshield of Anne's truck, which is parked on the street and blocking our driveway. At first I was thinking it was just Brandon getting his homework out of her truck, but then I say to myself, “Wait a minute, he's still in bed/”

So I wait a few more seconds, and then walk down to the passenger's side and open the door. I look at this kid, who was about 17 year's old and of course I say, “Who the eff are you?” The kid looks at me a little stunned and says, “I'm not doing anything.” I say “You're in my wife's truck rooting through her console, that's theft.” He then again says “I didn't take anything.”

He starts to walk to the back of the truck near the tail gate and I proceed to head in the same direction. I walk up to him and say, “Where are going?”. He says he's going to his friends and again that he didn't take anything – like somehow that it is okay to open someone's car and go through it.

I then grab his hoody in the front and say, “No, you're not going anywhere.” He pulls away and tells me to let go. I take out my phone and get ready to call the police (for those that are wondering, yes I have HB police on speed dial). I was about to dial them direct, but when he tried to run, I grabbed him again, and dialed 911. I then took him down onto the ground and had him down on the neighbour's lawn. At this point he's screaming, “Help, someone help me!” I still have the phone in my hand (hey it's L.A. - give up my cell? Nevah!!). Anne comes out and sees me on the ground with the kid and I yell at her, “Get the boys.” She grabs the phone from me to give the operator the info and gets the boys. As this is happening, we can now here all the sirens of the cop cars coming.

With the boys now outside and me on the kid, the kid's screaming, “I can't breathe, your choking me.” Being in the “Sue me state”, I look down and all I had done was restrain him. My arm wasn't near his throat and I realize it may just be a ploy. I ease up a bit now that Brandon and Kyle are over me.

Three police cars arrive and they now take over. So now the story comes out from the kid to the police. He says he was going to a “friends” house around the corner and they ask “Who?”. This is where the story gets interesting. We overhear who his friend is and Brandon tells the police he knows who the friend is and he'll show them where he lives. He jumps in the car (the first time ever voluntarily) and they take off. Brandon, also know who the kid is that I grabbed.

A car comes from where they are headed to and it's the mother of the friend. She pulls up to us and gets out and asks us what's going on as that's her sons friend the police have in custody. We then tell her that the police are on there way to her house. She then starts to tear up and says, “I wish they would arrest him.” I ask, “Him, or your son?” She says “Both, but mainly my son.” She then gets back in her car and heads back to her house (great way to start your work day huh?).

After about ten minutes, she comes back, and we hear that the police found stolen items at her house with her son. She then tells us that the police have arrested her son. Here's the difference with all of this. The kid who went into our car was 17 – slap on the wrist probably. The kid around the corner is 19 – he's going to big boy jail. I wanted to say to the mother the old “Be careful what you wish for” thing but I think she'll quickly see. In addition to this she tells us her son had been smoking pot but moved up to smoking heroin last fall. I told her I knew where she was coming from. So how was everyone else's morning?
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