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Alibaba Frontlit to build cloud computing center in Nanjing

Posted 01-04-2012 at 09:49 AM by ff101

Alibaba Frontlit to build cloud computing center in Nanjing

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Alibaba to build cloud computing center in NanjingPublished: 04 Jan 2009 01:05:12 PST<p class="authorInfor"]</p]<!--begin CK content--]
Jan. 4, 2009 (China Knowledge) -;1688&gt;, China's leading B2B e-commerce portal, announced its software subsidiary Alisoft has inked the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Nanjing municipal government to build the country's first "e-commerce cloud computing center" in the city, sources reported.</p]
Pursuant to the agreement, Alisoft plans to start the construction as early as the beginning of 2009, and the initial investment is expected to hit RMB 100 million. </p]
Alisoft also intends to build more could computing centers in other cities to align with its Hangzhou data center to provide e-commerce services to domestic users as well as computing, storage and network services. </p]
<br /]</p]<br /]Copyright &copy; 2008<br /]<br /]Send feedback or comments to:<br /]<br /]For more news, financial weekly reports, business guides to China and other premium information, subscribe to China Knowledge today: <br /]<br /]To access our page on Bloomberg, type CKFI <go]<!--end CK content--]</go]<!-- right Begin --]Related TopicsChina News<br /]<map name="Map" id="Map"]</map]<!-- right end--]工作流 弹簧 深圳装饰公司 滤油机 深圳装修 Share trading 工作流 实验室家具

INSTANT hot sell handbags VIEW 4-HK forecasts economy to shrink 2-3 pct in 2009

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INSTANT VIEW 4-HK forecasts economy to shrink 2-3 pct in 2009Published: 24 Feb 2009 20:51:28 PST<p class="authorInfor"]</p]
HONG KONG, Feb 25 - Hong Kong expects the economyto shrink by 2-3 percent in 2009, Financial Secretary JohnTsang said in his annual budget on Wednesday. That would markthe first annual contraction since the Asian financial crisis in1998 when gross domestic product fell 6 percent.</p]
-- 2008 GDP rose 2.5 percent, slowing from 6.4 percentgrowth in 2007.</p]
-- Hong Kong posted a provisional HK$4.9 billion fiscalconsolidated deficit for 2008/09, Tsang said.</p]
-- GDP fell 2.5 percent in Q4 2008</p]
-- For budget highlights, click here [nHKG366778].</p]
************************************************** ********</p]
"Originally we were expecting -0.8 percent year-over-yeargrowth for Q4, so the latest numbers were worse than expected. "Right now we don't have the full picture, but judging fromwhat the Financial Secretary said, it seems like investment andconsumption were the key drivers that contributed to theworse-than-expected results."</p]
"But overall for this year, we hold the view that the worstwill be in the first two quarters. We are still going for -4percent for Q1 and -3 percent for Q2, and then hopefully in thesecond half of this year we'll see some growth, which will bringthe whole year to -1.8 percent."</p]
"The negative 2 percent GDP growth forecast seems realistic.We are still at the optimistic end of the spectrum where we seea devastating first half of 2009, but in the second half weexpect demand from the U.S. and Chinese exports will recover."</p]
MICHAEL SPENCER, ECONOMIST WITH DEUTSCHE BANK, HONG KONG"It (Q4 GDP) is a little bit worse than expected, but giventhe underlying volatility I would not view this as a much worsenumber than general expectations. The issue going forward is thegoverment forecast does not really see any downside to growthfrom here in 2009. Our view is the economy will contract by 4percent this year, compared with the government forecast of a2-3 percent decline. It is optimistic, but that is the nature ofgovernment forecasts."</p]
"It was bigger than expected, the fourth quarter contractionwas quite severe. Exports was obviously one of the key factors,and the tourism freeze -- and also the exports of services washit quite a severe. It was a very broad based contraction."</p]
-- Hong Kong's benchmark Hang Seng Index &lt;.HSI&gt; was up 1.38percent late in the morning.</p]
-- Hong Kong's economy suffered a sharp downturn in thesecond half of 2008, halting a four-year boom when the territorybenefited from China's rapid economic development.</p]
-- Economists forecast the economy will contract by 2-3percent this year but say risk is on the downside if U.S. fiscalstimulus does not start to boost U.S. consumption by the secondhalf of this year.</p]
-- As a trading and financial hub, Hong Kong is being hithard by weakening consumption in the United States and Europe.As lithium polymer 网络电话 lithium batteries Rift gold クレジットカード 現金化 口コミ 管理咨询 除湿机
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