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What is the song in Sons of anarchy season 5 episode 8?

Posted 11-01-2012 at 09:59 AM by Tina

Its around 25 min in when jax, chibs, and happy are chasing the other gunman from the van. The main line said over and over is "Let me see you Represent", song ends when jax throws the guy off the roof.
Only thing i could come up with is it must be some kind of remix.
Pettidee Christian artist! Heard that song when I was like 16! Just saw the episode tonight and was like hey I know that song!
Disney movie collection set- Did Chibbs survive the blow to his head?
I didn't catch the the Big Bang Theory DVDs previews for next week so I didn't see if he was in the show. I really like him, but that was a vicious smack to the head.
The Preview didn't grey's anatomy dvd sale if he did or not. But I would assume/hope so. He is my favorite character.
I know it's just a show, but come on. He rides a motorcycle which means his feet are right by the ground. Anyone True Blood dvds who has ridden in a motorcycle knows that dirt and bugs are involved. Are the white shoes symbolic of him being the GOOD GUY like in the old westerns? I like tennis shoes, but they seem a little too white all the time.
Sons of Anarchy dvd collection-Does anyone else think they need to occasionally put some grease on Jax's tennis shoes?
I really thought this show was a bunch of bull, even though I never seen it. Well now I am in love with this show!
I actually think Its almost as good as Breaking Bad, maybe better.
more info:here
NCIS Season 10 DVD box set
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