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Making a Bad Hire Sucks Money Down The Drain!

Posted 04-20-2011 at 03:25 PM by Epiphany

Letís face it recruiting the right people for the job can be very difficult. Itís time consuming, and its expensive. But itís just recruiting? Hiring good candidates couldnít possibly be tough. Letís take a look at 5 reasons why recruiting really is more than meets the eye.


Recruiting candidates and advertising openings let alone the time it takes to interview and review the candidates takes money, time, and effort. Recruiting candidates is a hard job and not for the faint at heart or in-experienced. Companies evaluate the cost of recruiting looking at things like cost per hire and time to fill.

Good Candidates are not EVERY where -

Are they? With more people every day who are actively looking for work, recruiting and hiring good workers for your company should be easy. But itís not. Depending on the requirements of the job, educational or experience restrictions, and where the employees must be based, limit your candidate pool. Try finding a PhD job candidate for a specialized position in Wyoming.

Technology is not always our friend -

Whether itís the resume black hole or that horrible background check process, the recruiting and human resource tools and technology help us sometimes more than they hurt us. Maybe you really need to reset a candidateís password in your applicant tracking system or to have your system Armageddon happen right when you need to get this candidate onboarded and scheduled for orientation or on the payroll.

Job Seekers Canít Market -

Most job seekers are familiar or experienced with the fine art of the job search and candidate marketing process that is recruiting. As recruiters, business owners, or hiring managers we understand the process and the ins and outs of the business from a company advocate or recruiter prospective. Most job seekers donít see the light at the end of the tunnel or even have a plan to get there.

Hiring Mangers donít know what they want -

The job description says one thing while the hiring manager has entire set of skills, requirements, and must haves. The position description isnít always an accurate view of what the position really entails either because the description was written 15 years ago or the person who wrote it didnít have a clue.

These are serious issues that can cost you a great deal of headache and your company a great deal of expense if you are unaware and unable to adapt and protect yourself from them. Making a good hire is imperative in today's market!

Until Tomorrow, Work Well!
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