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The Golden Great Lane: by Jon Paine - Sessions 1, 2, & 3

Posted 01-28-2010 at 04:26 PM by Paine's Golden Great Lane

In an effort to catch up and not clog up FB, here are the first three training session blogs
Jan. 23, 2010 - First Run
Well, the run this morning was simply awesome! The morning was actually clear! There were about 60 runners there for the training. There were about 5 pace groups running. We ran 3 miles from The Sports Basement on Mason, along Chrissy Field, to the bridge, touched the two hands by the building underneath the bridge and ran back. I got some new running shoes (Asics, which is what I wore 30 years ago as a cross country runner) and they had a program to donate our old shoes to the needy in Haiti, so that worked out nicely.
Jan. 26, 2010 - Running in The Rain -
The San Francisco Marathon Training Group met at Sidney Walton Park at 6:30pm. It was pouring rain. They advised the group (which was clearly smaller than Saturday's run) that "we run rain or shine, as the San Francisco Marathon is run rain or shine, so we have to get used to running in the rain". So we ran 40 minutes, and it was a down and back timed run as opposed to distance, as the pacers did not group us off, but allowed us to all run at once, and fall into our own pace settings. This actually helped me run faster than Saturday by doing this, and I could tell a big improvement already over Saturday's run. It was tough running in the rain, and it started on the way out as light rain, but on the way back it was absolutely pouring rain. I had a waterproof hat on I had just bought on Saturday, but my running jacket was not waterproof, so I was solid wet head to toe by the time I got back. But even this shorter training run felt good when I got back to the finish line, what a sense of accomplishment. It mentally has motivated me for Wednesday nights track training at Kezar Stadium. My concern with my hip quickly went away as I was about 5 minutes into my run, and as my legs warmed up there was no thought of anything with the hip. That too is such a positive thing and confirms what I have been hearing about Amy Burrows running in 10k's and Marathons with 2 replaced hips and doing so for 10 years now successfully and safely.
Jan. 28, 2010 - First Track Workout
The track workout tonight was tough but satisfying in the end. We ran at Kezar Stadium, former training home of the Oakland Raiders and 49er's. We ran on the outer path around the track to warm up. Did some stretching exercises. Then ran a 440 (once around the track) shotgun style as fast as we could. At first I thought I had overdone the off day last night at 24 Hour Fitness, because I had heavy stiffness in my legs. I had focused mostly on upper body, abs, and stomach exercises, but we were supposed to additionally run 1.5 miles which I also did on the treadmill. I was surprised at my fast pace on the 440 race, and finished middle of the pack (not bad considering there were 75 people there tonight and a few real live marathoners running as well). Of course, the last time I ran a 440 was for Jack Eyerly, and so funny what you forget in 35 years. I paced too faced at the first turn, slowed up on the back stretch, but kicked in on the home stretch. Then we rested for about 10 minutes. Then we ran a one mile relay (each relay running running a 440). I ran second up on my team and did well, and beat lots of the youngsters that certainly appeared to be in better shape than me. Guess it's that old farm boy toughness in me....I still GOT IT!!!! Tomorrow night is a light day back at 24 Hour Fitness, upper body, abs, stomach, and 1.5 miles treadmill, then I am supposed to take Friday off, as we have our long run on Saturday morning. Right now I have that good old feeling I remember so long ago - tired, spent, but accomplished and full of life. Can't wait for Saturday!!!!
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